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           Jeff Allen "NO LIMITS 4X4"                        THE COMMANDO AND ROCK SPIDER
                                ON FREELINGS STAIRCASE

                  The Rock Spider in Nocona  Tx.          Lance's Toyota in Clayton Ok.

 This is Tammy's 4-Runner, with a heavy duty winch bumper, rock sliders, Exo-cage and tube doors. It has a Vortec
V-6, automatic transmission. We are installing a Dana 60 front and a 14 bolt rear with disc brakes, we are also going to bob the 
12" for more trail clearance. This Girly truck will sport Hummer bead locks and 44" Super Swampers. Watch right here for more 
pictures on this build-up!!                                                                                                 

This is a 2000 Chevy 1500 we are doing a straight axle conversion, Dana 60, 15" wide weld wheels and 44" Boggers!.

First we removed the IFS junk!

Second we added a Dana 60 with PSC ram assist steering. Chromed Out

Third we added a one ton disc brake rear end with an 11.5" ring gear set. BEEFY!

Fourth we added quad shocks and stainless braided brake lines.

This bad boy is starting to look real good!.

Come back soon and see the final photo.


Final Project included; Hi Pinion D60 Front Axle, 12" Leaf Springs, Crossover Steering, With Oru High Steer Arm, Psc Ram Assist Steering, Rear AA1150 Axle 4.88 Gears, Custom Driveshafts From Texas Ujoints And Lots of Detail!!! 

click here to see a rock spider video

Very flexy CJ-5, Wow!!!!

Propane powered V-8, 54" tires BiG!!

Bruiser Chasis, Sporting Unimog 404's with 9" centers, Lt-1, 42 iroks, 17" Walker Evans Beadlocks,Fox 2" Air Shocks

The Rock Spider in Nocona Tx.

Testing at No Limits  4X4.

All work is tested using professional 4X4 drivers and the latest test equipment; a Honda Civic.

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Blake and the Rock Horse

The Cross Lander 244 4x4 Brings True Sport Utility Performance On and Off the Highway. The first Cross Lander model to be introduced is the 244. The 244 is a full sized, four-door, Multi Purpose Utility Vehicle that boasts a 4.0 liter V6 207 hp EFI SOHC ENGINE with 238 lbs. of torque.

The New Cross Lander 244 4x4 will be available soon from Cross Lander of Arlington, Texas.

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Cross Lander 4x4

Blake on top of Tuff S.O.B.

No Boundaries 4X4 Cross Lander